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Deposit missing

I have a deposit missing, what I should do? It was made October 11 Thanks JC

14 people have this problem

im with the same problem, but i did the deposit 4 days ago.
Yo hice un depósito de LTC el 11 de Octubre a las 11am y aún no me llega. Podrían decirnos si están teniendo problemas con los depósitos?
Lo mismo nos está ocurriendo
Same problem
Dame problem. Help us
Same problem What's going on ???
same issue, tickets locked but no reply any forum ??

I did a depostit of LTCc0.15 to icenter litecoin on October 19 but still it is NOT on my icenter account.

Made a deposit in too bitcoin 5 days ago still not showing up my account ....
I made a deposit tonite and it hasn’t shown up? Have I been scammed??
anyone got the deposit updatein bot ?+ or reply on ticket from support ??
No i hape incenter connect us
Deposit 0.18 ltc on 21st October but deposit yet not appear in my account.

same problem, and no support.

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