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Hard work.

Keep up the good work guys. I appreciate there are people who are spreading FUD now and it must be getting annoying. Personally I have 100% faith in you. Same applies for a lot of other people too. Keep up the hard work, it will be worth it for everyone in the end. Thanks :)

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Hope younright man. But tell me why they remove all the social media. And now there is. Another bot look like icenter. I personally still belive in my heart they will be back. I’m just alittle worryd
They hit more problems that you could have predicted trying to link the bots. Now they need to go back to the start and try over. Imagine the amount of hate mail they are currently receiving over this. I would turn all communication off too. Concentrate on getting everything sorted so we can all start winning again. That’s my thoughts anyway.

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Hope you r right I just so belive I. Them I put my life saving there and I got nothing but icenter
Go go go icenter I belive inyou and wish you fix all asap so we all be happy

buenos dias me urge que solucionen el problema yo vivo de esto por favor. gracias

This  is a SCAM until Icenter proven otherwise, right...  hard but true. BYe

Es possible saber quando terminaran los trabajos renovacion?
Continue seus trabalhos icenter muitos dos brasileiros acreditam em vocês. Muitos dizem que vcs são scam mais a maioria acredita no seu potencial então esperemos que vocês voltem, não importe o tempo mas que voltem 100%! Muitos estão descobrindo o que é realmente icenter e logo perceberá quem realmente vocês são. I Love icenter ❤
We hope things work out successfully

I wrote on the support telegram channel just once to say that it's unaccettable that for a mounth they are saying "in maintance" and they banned me from channel ….. i think also all the messages are sending from robot or friends that give good answer each other just to continue lieing,  but what kind of maintance needs so long time….. Don't worry they are scam …. and that's all.

Anyway guys join my channel of crypto sharks I will take care of you I’m a promoter youtuber and love my people
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