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Deposit missing

I opened my account on the 4th of Oct and deposited 1 LTC. I am still yet to see this appear in my wallet and have had no response from a ticket i raised shortly after. I am very much on side with this app, but i am definitely losing my confidence in it. There has been no exchange of dialogue between myself and their customer services and the forums are just full of people who are speculating. 

Has this happened to anyone else and if so was it resolved?

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They not working more then 3 days. And nobody answering inthe support also

Yanpliner does that mean i have to wait 3 days for a reply yea? has this happened before and if so what was the turn around time like then until the site was fully functional? 

thanks in advance

Hi, David! I've heard that the similar issue happened last January of this year. Thing is, I don't have any idea how long it took because I don't have LTC... I haven't asked my friend about it yet (She's already doing LTC when it happened). Anyway, you might have to wait more. The issue has already been going on for days when you deposited on the 4th... iCenter is doing countermeasures on top of doing maintenance on all BOTs because, reportedly, they've found out that there have been users who are trying to get manipulative while the company launched the newly established iCSH. On top of it all, they also have to deal with all the tickets that are issued since the issue happened. Plus, they're digging further down more info, and the digging gets harder because the information traffic gets somehow spammed every time a user pushes a button in a bot... We can just wait, for now.
I had a deposit that did not show up about three days ago and still have not received any were or are able to contact anyone regarding my deposit not being in my Litecoin account. Hopefully there is someone out there they can help me figure out why my deposit did not come through. I have placed three deposits all three have shown up except for this one deposit.
I deposited money this morning, but they never appeared in my account !!! £250 into my Icentre Lite coin Whats going on ?????????????
Reginald , I have exactly the same problem... I deposited £250 this morning or just over 6 Litecoins and not seen them in my balance. No answer.....
Hi looking for the same update, deposit 0.37 ltc but not appear in my deposit however transaction id is saying invalid address, wheras address is completly correct genreted by bot & copied, its been two days, waiting is the only hope I guess
BTC deposit still missing from 30 days ago, when will these issues be resolved ? Thank you
Never I don’t think they coming back
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