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Unable to Withdrawal but balance was deducted

See in the attached image. I tried to Withdrawal but it failed. Then checking my balance said that it was deducted. I’ve been watching watching m Withdrawal wallet hoping this does go through but so far still nothing. If this changes I will updated this post! Thank you! Ryan DeBoer

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Same here please update what is going on with our bots

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I have the same problem I withdrew and it said failed but the balance has been taken and not gone to my wallet

I think... SCAM! :(

Good morning, in my balance of the bot of Ltc I had 10Ltc waiting to retire and suddenly they disappeared where they are? I can attach screenshots
attached screenshot of my problem
Same has happened to me
Same has happened to me
Everything will be solved you have to report it and have patience
Hello everyone! I've read from an iCenter news channel why the maintenance for all bots are taking longer than expected. Apparently, every time a person pushes a button in a bot, it creates information traffic. Imagine how many people do this every minute given the total population that iCenter have? Let's stop pushing ANY button for the meantime. Also, for the people who are missing coins due to deposit or withdrawal attempts, iCenter has proactively advised that you should issue tickets so that they can do proper tracing and have your coins returned to your wallets... Please see screenshot below. :)
I pray for ICenter, hopefully will be back to Normal operation. Best regards
Me too. But it doesn’t seems good I think they done
O have reported the same issue , already passes 30 hours and no answer. To me 1.91 ltc dissapeard after an attemp of withdraw.
can’t find Facebook and Twitter. Seems like they gone

Same issue here....

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