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Withdrawal Problems

Having trouble withdrawing BTC, ETH and LTC. Is their maintenance happening and is their a telegram page that can keep us posted Cheers

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Just read everyone’s comments on withdrawing the various crypto currencies and tried to log into the website for more information. Looks like the whole site is “down for maintenance”?! I do think some official communication would be good at this time.
I've had 0.8 ltc missing for 5 days now opened a ticket and still heard nothing back!
I can’t withdrawal either. I placed a ticket on this problem 2 days ago and have heard nothing. Is this a scam?

I have been having trouble for a week, one minute it tells me it is down for maintenance then the next time i try to withdraw it blames my lite coin wallet address .I am very suspicious about this happening i am hoping Icenter isn't about to disappear.

I think we have to face the prospect that this is now a scam
Eu não consigo sacar meus litcoins. Está muito estranho essa manutenção longa sem quLquer explicação . Quando irá consertar?

It seems we are all suffering from this issue, lets have a resolution soon please.

Same situation here... Under maintenance... Will it become a scam too??? Fucking hell!!!

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This is getting ridiculous now, when is the withdrawal issue getting resolved or at least better communication?
It would be nice if they told us what is going on. This would eleviate worry and negative thinking.

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Hello, everyone! I've read from an iCenter news channel why the maintenance for all bots are taking longer than expected... Apparently, every time a person pushes a button in a bot, it creates information traffic. Imagine how many people do this every minute given the total population that iCenter have? Let's stop pushing ANY button for the meantime. Also, iCenter found out that some users tried to do internal manipulation with their iCSH and other bots. As a result, iCenter had to do maintenance to protect everybody from having troubles while also trying to keep up with all the tickets issued by people who are getting problems withdrawing coins from their wallets.. [INFO] For the people who are missing coins due to deposit or withdrawal attempts, iCenter has proactively advised that you should issue tickets so that they can do proper tracing and have your coins returned to your wallets... iCenter highly encourage that we only issue tickets should there be coins missing due to deposit or withdrawal transactions. Otherwise, since the issue is already known and acknowledged, let's not issue tickets about other things as their workload gets stacked which could affect the duration of the maintenance. Please see screenshot below. :) You can share this as much as you can so that we can spread awareness to those who are already feeling unsecured and anxious about their investment. Just hold on tight, everyone! This, too, shall pass. 
Que está pasando con los retiros primera vez que ocurre algo así, la gente está muy nerviosa

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Llevo más de 5 días sin poder retirar BTC, siempre dice que está en mantenimiento y que tenga paciencia. Cuánto tiempo más se debe esperar?

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Withdrawls not working, scam?

Withdrawal problem continues,  this is bullshit,   fix the problem !!!#*#

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